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Ways to Prevent Mad Cow Disease

At present, there is no definite treatment concerning MCD so the main priority of modern medicine is to provide preventive measures for people who are at risk. There are ways to prevent it from ruining your life and your livelihood too if you are currently raising cattle too.

Preventive measures in humans

First, you need to select a solid muscle cut of meat than bone cuts when you buy cows meat in the market. This will prevent you from having close contact with the nervous tissue of the cow. Next thing to keep in mind is to refrain from eating ground beef for a while along with hotdogs and sausages since such goods are more possible to contain unclean nervous flesh pounded in it. Don’t eat beef meat in places where there are outbreaks reported like US and UK. Did you know that it will take you 2-80 years before the symptoms develop; making it hard for you to know if the ailment was wiped out? Lastly, prevention is still better than cure, so stop eating beef for a while and stick to chicken, vegetables and fish diet first.

Preventive measures in cattle

First you need to refrain from feeding your cattle with a protein coming from a mammal. This is also one way to spread MCD. Make sure you follow the FDA’s prohibition on importations and feeds on live animals coming from various countries with mad cow disease outbreak. The need to check the cattle daily is important to prevent them from having the ailment. Though there is no live test kit present at the moment, testing a herd can also prevent the outbreak from spreading.

Even if the world is amidst modern technology, still there is no better cure for fatal brain disease that affects cattle, sheep and goats like mad cow disease. This affects the nervous system that makes the animal act strange, aggressive, and incontrollable and it can lead to death over time since the animal also loses its appetite once the disease starts to ruin its brain.

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