Ayurvedic Treatment for Healthier Hair

Ayurvedic treatment originates from India and it has been used by people more than thousands of years ago. This treatment can be applied to gain healthy hair and to prevent health issues that can affect your hair. It does not only target the hair, but the overall wellbeing of a person such as their mind, body and soul. It is not just about applying ayurvedic hair oil to a damaged hair, but it also treat the mental, physical as well as spiritual aspects of life that can cause hair damage. The treatment varies from one person to another. Individual taking it must play an active role, because they might need to do changes in their lifestyle, habits and diet.

Ayurvedic treatment for hair is focused on the use of plants, oils, spices and herbs. A person under this treatment must also observe nutritious diet. There are proper foods for the hair and an Ayurvedic doctor may recommend a diet or foods that are beneficial to hair growth. Vegetables, fruits as well as dairy products are good for hair health. The use of herbs is vital as it can aid in good digestion and absorption of nutrients to deliver great result. Herbs can also boost your immune system to stop further damage to your hair.

Aside from dietary changes, it is also a must that you harmonize your body, mind and spirit. The oil is for massaging the scalp and hair to add moisture, improve blood circulation and to soften hair strands. It can strengthen the mind and promote relaxation. The oil is best during night time as it has calming ability to make you fall asleep easily. Complete sleep and rest is important for hair health, so patients are advised to take at least 8 hours of sleep and drink more fluids like water and fresh juices.

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