Big Docs Are Better With Collaboration

Let’s say you have a very large document to create, such as A Basic Guide To The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Law, which could easily be more than 100 pages of content. The first thing you would want to do is organize your notes, formulate your outline, and then create any charts, graphs, spreadsheets or images that you need to help convey your message. This is a lot for one person, and if you are working with a team, emailing versions of a doc or content for a doc is just so old school and outdated that there must be a better way. Well, there is.

Working with a Google Document streamlines even the biggest projects. Let’s say you were drafting a report on a knee replacement class action. Undoubtedly this would be a large report and may require a team effort. Docs allows multiple people to work on the report at the same time and name the contributions of each member. If you were working on a heartburn pill class action, each team member could work on a section of the report all in the same doc.

A Xarelto blood thinner attorney could probably seriously appreciate the ability to work on a document, or many documents, anywhere and at any time, including on their computer, phone, or tablet. No internet? No problem, as Docs lets you work offline and then syncs your work to the main document without a hitch.

Working on a tcpa class action? No problem, and you never have to worry about losing work if you lose power or your internet connection. Docs automatically saves your changes as they occur and best yet, the program saves the document history so you can go back and see all the versions of the doc and you can even view the changes by team member.

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