Gold in Medicine

Gold is one of the most popular types of mineral and it is used for jewelry making. This is one of the most widely consumed ornaments. If you will trace back the history, then you will find out that gold was used for money and jewelry. There are times when gold was used to produce money. Many people are not aware about the importance of gold in the medical world. This is not a new thing as it was useful since medieval times. For many years, gold has been utilized for treating a lot of diseases in diverse countries and culture.

Medial conditions and illness like smallpox, skin ulcers and measles were treated with gold during ancient China. Today, it is still used to treat various kinds of diseases. Gold is also for ayurvedic medicines in India. This ancient medicine can treat different medical conditions. Large number of gold is utilized for ayurvedic medicine year after year.

Cancer is now a common disease and it is nice to know that there are various treatments discovered. As health professionals try to find the best cure for it, they found that gold is beneficial in treating this disease. They are now developing medicines with gold in them. Gold-based treatments are now on its way to treat cancer. Some use it for chemotherapy especially for prostate cancer.

Also, gold is for pregnancy testing. There is a rapid test for pregnant women with colloidal gold. It is an affordable test kit that is very convenient to use. If you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, then gold can reduce the stiffness as well as muscle pain.
As you wear your gold bracelet, it is nice to know that it has other use aside from making a beautiful jewelry. Gold is an important part in the medical world, so it should not be ignored.

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