Healthy Hair and Skin for Acne Free Life

There are myriads of skin problems and the major problem of both men and women are acne or pimples. Chinese medicine has basic principles that you can follow in order to heal your damaged skin caused by pimples. It does not matter what type of skin problem you have, because having one can be an embarrassing experience and can make you feel very uncomfortable. It can affect your daily life, since you will be shy to face people.

There are important factors to easily addressed this problem and attain healthy skin. In Chinese medicine, skin problems are related to lungs and intestines so an expert doctor will start treating it using proper digestion.

Gut treatment- leaky and parasites found in the gut can cause poor skin health condition. This is not a conventional treatment to acne as traditional way is more focused on the use of topical treatments such as oils, lotions, cream and antibiotics. Taking medication might kill good intestinal bacteria and can only make the acne worst. Once your digestion becomes better, then your skin will experience glow.

Good diet- the first step is to know if you are Yin or Yang. There are lots of information written about diet management to avoid pimples like avoiding oily foods and more, but Chinese Medicine has a totally different approach. Maybe you are thinking why there is a need to determine whether you are Yin or Yang. Once you know where you belong, then you can now carefully choose foods that are right for you. It will be more effective in eliminating acne and other skin conditions. For instance, if you are Yang, then you should avoid taking more spicy foods as it will increase heat toxins that are already present within your body.
It is also a must to observe healthy breathing. Yoga breathing and other ways can help improve blood flow and detoxify impurities from the skin.

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