Laugh to a Better Health

Children or infant laugh is a magical therapy to anyone hearing it. When you see a child or a baby laughing, then you will automatically smile in return. This is known to be a genuine laugh of happiness. Parents will try to do happy faces hoping that the baby will smile. According to many medical studies, laughter is contagious in a very positive way. As you laugh, you are also helping your body attain ultimate health.

A person laughing must be doing a lot of activities like clapping, wide eyes and more. By just thinking of a person laughing so hard will also make you smile. Laughter has lots of positive effects. It is true that laughter is the best form of medicine. Laughter is one of the least understandable human behaviors. This is why many scientists want to know more about it. According to them there are three important portions within the brain that is activated when people laugh.

First is thinking, which is the cognitive aspect of the brain that can process situation that makes people laugh. When someone throws a joke, then this part of the brain will perform its function. There is kinesthetic part that can initiate movement and this is a very important part of laughing. As you laugh you move other parts of your body to show that you are happy. The third part is emotion. There is a region in the brain that produces giddy feeling when people laugh.

There are people who laugh at a very simple joke while others do not. This is why scientists want to know what action can really trigger laughter. This is an important study that can help the medical world in the future. Laughter can really make a person feel better no matter what his or her condition is.

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