Know Some Ways to Avert Hereditary Linked Diseases

If you know you have a family background of various ailments known to be passed on from parents to child, it is essential to know how to prevent them from affecting your health. You have to keep an eye to your medical status; you need to do some preventive measures to lessen the possibilities of developing the disease, so you can stay healthy and longer too.
Know your family health background

You know that ignorance is not delightful, especially when it comes to health issues. You have to know everything about your family history so you can find light on the ailments that may be passed on to you later on in life. if you cannot find the medical background in the family, its best to do some interview with your relatives and then discuss the data you have gathered with a geneticist who can do the DNA test just to know if you are at risk of certain types of diseases through your blood.
Be in full control

Hereditary diseases may range from cancer to kidney problems, from diabetes to neurological problems. In a lot of cases, these diseases may be prevented. One way to do that is to modify your diet. Eating foods that may bring on the chances of having a diabetes or high cholesterol level is also possible these days. There is no better way to control various diseases than eating a healthy diet and by engaging in some exercise programs to fight some medical probabilities like hypertension, anxiety, mental ailments and a lot more. Some other ailments that may not be related to your genetic background may also be prevented from eating the right types of foods too.

Being aware is the key to prevent ailments from affecting your life.

Laugh to a Better Health

Children or infant laugh is a magical therapy to anyone hearing it. When you see a child or a baby laughing, then you will automatically smile in return. This is known to be a genuine laugh of happiness. Parents will try to do happy faces hoping that the baby will smile. According to many medical studies, laughter is contagious in a very positive way. As you laugh, you are also helping your body attain ultimate health.

A person laughing must be doing a lot of activities like clapping, wide eyes and more. By just thinking of a person laughing so hard will also make you smile. Laughter has lots of positive effects. It is true that laughter is the best form of medicine. Laughter is one of the least understandable human behaviors. This is why many scientists want to know more about it. According to them there are three important portions within the brain that is activated when people laugh.

First is thinking, which is the cognitive aspect of the brain that can process situation that makes people laugh. When someone throws a joke, then this part of the brain will perform its function. There is kinesthetic part that can initiate movement and this is a very important part of laughing. As you laugh you move other parts of your body to show that you are happy. The third part is emotion. There is a region in the brain that produces giddy feeling when people laugh.

There are people who laugh at a very simple joke while others do not. This is why scientists want to know what action can really trigger laughter. This is an important study that can help the medical world in the future. Laughter can really make a person feel better no matter what his or her condition is.

Ways to Overcome Mental Strain

Those who suffer from mental ailments brought about by mental fatigue due to some factors like overworking. Mental tiredness may be seen on people with lower concentration focus, clumsiness, and lack of initiative to work. Mental tiredness can also be seen on people who have worked for hours or those who have been studying over long period of time too. Some people try to look for solution by drinking coffee since it helps in easing mental tiredness for a while. This is not a temporary solution to mental tiredness if you are looking for a long term effect. Even if there is no guarantee cure for mental strain, those who suffers from it can still do other things to overcome this problem.

You can use essential oils to relax like lavender, rosemary and peppermint which can help in stimulating the mind and they also help in providing refreshment to the person as well. You can also add few drops of your favorite essential oil while bathing. Soaking there for not more than twenty minutes can help you relax. You can also use such oils for a massage or you can also use the oils to help you relax by putting on few drops onto your hanky or towel.

Engaging in an outdoor activity can also help you relax and beat stress as well. You can do cycling, walking, riding and some other activities like aerobic classes. Yoga is also one way to relax and you will also be taught of the proper breathing exercises here that also promotes relaxation. Did you know that exercising can also help in boosting the amount of oxygen in the brain that can help in improving cognitive skills you have as well? Did you know that while you are doing some regular activities like exercising, the brain is also releasing endorphins that help in preventing depression?

Ways to Prevent Mad Cow Disease

At present, there is no definite treatment concerning MCD so the main priority of modern medicine is to provide preventive measures for people who are at risk. There are ways to prevent it from ruining your life and your livelihood too if you are currently raising cattle too.

Preventive measures in humans

First, you need to select a solid muscle cut of meat than bone cuts when you buy cows meat in the market. This will prevent you from having close contact with the nervous tissue of the cow. Next thing to keep in mind is to refrain from eating ground beef for a while along with hotdogs and sausages since such goods are more possible to contain unclean nervous flesh pounded in it. Don’t eat beef meat in places where there are outbreaks reported like US and UK. Did you know that it will take you 2-80 years before the symptoms develop; making it hard for you to know if the ailment was wiped out? Lastly, prevention is still better than cure, so stop eating beef for a while and stick to chicken, vegetables and fish diet first.

Preventive measures in cattle

First you need to refrain from feeding your cattle with a protein coming from a mammal. This is also one way to spread MCD. Make sure you follow the FDA’s prohibition on importations and feeds on live animals coming from various countries with mad cow disease outbreak. The need to check the cattle daily is important to prevent them from having the ailment. Though there is no live test kit present at the moment, testing a herd can also prevent the outbreak from spreading.

Even if the world is amidst modern technology, still there is no better cure for fatal brain disease that affects cattle, sheep and goats like mad cow disease. This affects the nervous system that makes the animal act strange, aggressive, and incontrollable and it can lead to death over time since the animal also loses its appetite once the disease starts to ruin its brain.

What is Unani?

Unani can be traced 5,000 years ago. This is being practiced by many patients in different parts of the globe. However, this is not a good replacement for modern day medicine, but it is proven effective for chronic diseases like arthritis, asthma, leucoderma, diabetes and many more. This Unani medicine treatment was first introduced in Greece in 460 up to 377 BC. It was Persians and Arabs who were the first to introduce it to Indians. It has a theory based on humoral where humor can lead to a specific human body temperament. The system makes use of mineral, plants and animals to create curative agents.

It works using 4 individual humors and creates balance. It develops equilibrium between diverse aspects such as hygiene, attitude and nutrition. This traditional system was based on different findings from Greek physicians. It became popular right after Persian and Arab practitioners adapted the system. It also became popular in China and India during Delhi Sultanate.

Some of the most popular products produced using Unani are egg oil and almond oil. The system is close to Ayurveda treatment, it uses elements of water, air, earth and fire. Imbalance from any of these elements can lead to diseases. Unani is also based on Phlegm, Blood, Black bile and Yellow bile. In India, there are 40 medical colleges that offer Unani system. It was in 13th century when it arrived in India and believed that there were Unani scholars recruited by Alauddin Khilji.

It derived inspiration from Charaka and Sushrata teachings. Hakim Ajmal Khan is the one who popularized the concept in the entire India. This alternative treatment do not promise immediate cure, but it is proven effective to alleviate symptoms and pain cause by different illnesses. If you want to experience its benefits, then you need to look for expert and professional practitioners of Unani online.

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